Data Migration and Integration

Data migration is the process of transferring data between computer systems and usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated migration, which eliminates human errors.

To make the data migration procedure effective, data on the old system is mapped to the new system providing a design for data extraction and data loading.  The design relates old data formats to the new system’s formats and requirements.  Programmatic data migration may involve many phases but it minimally includes data extraction where data is read from the old system and data loading where data is written to the new system.  Our systems analysts and application consultants will help you through all phases of data migration:

  • Design
  • Extraction
  • Cleansing
  • Load
  • Verification

We may carryout both automated and manual data cleaning in data migration to improve the quality of data, eliminate redundant or obsolete information, and match the requirements of the new system.

Integration of software applications can eliminate data entry duplications saving valuable time while reducing data entry errors. With dozens of tools on the market designed to import data and/or integrate two or more systems it can be a confusing topic. We have listed below some common tools for Microsoft Dynamics products.

Dynamics CRM

The value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a market leading customer relationship management solution, is increased when integrated to other solutions such as an ERP system. With many options for importing data and/or building integrations to 3rd party products. Here are a few of the common integration tools for Dynamics CRM.

Data Import Wizard

The data import wizard for Dynamics CRM has many great features, but it is not a full blown data migration tool. It is a very versatile tool for importing data for any entity from a file. The Data Import Wizard is a great starting point for customers who have an initial need to import data (for example an extract from Sales Force). However, for ongoing data integration needs it is not a viable solution.


Scribe provides a Dynamics CRM template as a highly functional starting point that can be used as-is and can also be extended and customized to meet each customer’s needs. The Scribe template is used with Scribe Insight and the Adapter for Dynamics CRM, so customers can use the product to easily integrate with other in-house systems, import leads from their Web site in real-time, load marketing lists, integrate with order entry systems, and migrate data from previous customer systems.

Smart Connect

SmartConnect is an integration, migration and synchronization tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Whether you are looking to import spreadsheets containing new leads, migrate data from another system or integrate your CRM into your entire enterprise SmartConnect is an available option.

Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a leading mid-market ERP system with many options for importing data and/or building integrations to 3rd party products. Here are a few of the common integration tools for Dynamics GP.

Integration Manager

Integration Manager (from Microsoft) has been around for a long time and is available with the Microsoft Dynamics GP product. It’s a batch driven tool that allows for easy imports of data into Dynamics GP. Where it falls short is if you need to integrate with another product and want data to synchronize on an ongoing basis or to push data both ways.


Scribe Insight is the leading product available for building complex integrations with the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP simplifies data loading into Dynamics GP by using Microsoft eConnect, encapsulating the business rules of Dynamics GP, enforcing the same logic that is applied when you add or change records using the user interface so data integrity is assured. Scribe Insight and the Dynamics GP Adapter offer customers groundbreaking advantages over alternative approaches to integration with Dynamics GP.


SmartConnect is an integration and automation solution for Dynamics GP. SmartConnect is a user friendly way to move data into and out of Dynamics GP. Whether you are migrating from another system to Dynamics GP, have ongoing integration needs or have multiple systems which you need to keep synchronized – SmartConnect is an option to consider.