Microsoft Dynamics GP Financials

With ready access to mission-critical data, your financial solution becomes a powerful competitive tool allows you to make accurate and timely decisions with confidence.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial modules consists of General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Multi-currency, Fixed Asset, eBanking, Cash Flow Management, and Grant Management.

General Ledger

  • Maintain precise focus with advanced automation.
    Refocus your energy on mission-critical issues by minimizing time spent on routine accounting tasks through automation of general ledger transactions, payment adjustments, and more.
  • Improve your decision making.
    Get the answers you need to make better business decisions with comprehensive reports and easy-to-use inquiry tools that facilitate rapid, accurate analysis of your business operations.
  • Streamline your accounting.
    Reduce transaction entry steps, and increase accuracy by copying, voiding, deleting, or correcting general ledger transactions with full audit control.
  • Improve your efficiency.
    Empower your employees with a straightforward, consistent focus for managing accounting data that lowers administrative costs and gives you tight control over the financial heart of your business.
  • Benefit from tight integration.
    Expand your business potential by using General Ledger to tap into information in other modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, and include that information in accounting or analysis tasks.

Payables Management

  • Improve control over your payables.
    Manage your expenses more effectively with comprehensive vendor information, payment scheduling and tracking, and up-to-the-minute answers to your current cash flow status questions.
  • Manage your vendors effectively.
    Save time and improve efficiency by streamlining vendor information for instant recall of billing, payment discounts, and other information any time you need it.
  • Enhance your productivity.
    Reduce your overhead costs and empower your employees with automated payment vouchers and scheduling, customized documents, and intuitive transaction entry.
  • Keep vital information at your fingertips.
    Find the information you need to make better business decisions with easy-to-use inquiry tools and windows, along with a comprehensive suite of reports that enable you to accurately analyze your accounts payable activities.
  • Simplify expense allocation.
    Simplify the task of deferring payments or costs over multiple periods with automatically managed calculations and journal entries customized to fit your business needs.

Receivables Management

  • Help improve customer satisfaction.
    Enhance service levels and increase retention with customized information, history, and notes that are easily accessible when working with customers.
  • Take control of sales processes.
    Manage your sales process more effectively by measuring trends and analyzing performance with comprehensive customer tracking combined with sales tracking by person or territory.
  • Enhance your productivity.
    Help reduce administrative costs and enhance office productivity with automated receipt processing and posting and personalized statement cycles that fit your customers and business.
  • Streamline revenue allocation.
    Simplify the task of deferring revenues over multiple periods with automatically managed calculations and journal entries customized to fit your business needs.
  • Provide access to vital information.
    Find the information you need to make more effective business decisions with comprehensive reporting capabilities and straightforward customer account and sales performance tracking.

Fixed Asset Management

  • Put your information to work.
    Make changes to one or many assets easily and capture necessary asset data for tax or reporting purposes while performing depreciations, averaging, or comparisons across assets.
  • Find the information you need.
    Access the data you need with an intuitive graphical user interface and convenient one-button access to user defined information or other critical data, including asset maintenance, purchase, lease, and book information.
  • Make depreciation easy.
    Manage asset depreciation with any of 16 depreciation methods, with the ability to back depreciation out, recalculate it, add additional depreciation, or project it ahead for any number of assets in your books.
  • Integrate powerfully.
    Empower your business by combining Fixed Asset Management with other modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, ensuring accuracy while reducing redundant data entry.

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