Mobile Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

Having access to the line-of-business applications you rely upon in your office while you’re away is a critical component to maintain competitiveness. Mobile access to these applications was once a competitive advantage—now it’s a business requirement. For those organizations with field sales, mobile professionals, mobile service technicians, or support staff, connected mobile solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and the Windows Mobile platform create greater efficiencies, help open new business opportunities, drive increased productivity, and reduce costs. A mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics provides a familiar, flexible, and financially compelling mobile solutions platform.

Mobile Application Development

In the last few years mobile platforms have become far more robust in terms of capabilities and performance. We design and build advanced mobile applications for businesses for Windows, iOS and Android platforms. Our mobile application development team will work closely with you in designing and building custom mobile solutions.

Mobile Development Considerations

Single Platform Mobile Apps are developed using Programming languages provided by Apple, Google, and Microsoft for their respective Mobile platforms. Apps developed using these tools provide high performance, a better experience and tight integration with the device’s hardware. Since the programming is done differently for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, the same source code cannot be reused. This results in spending equivalent cost in developing one app for multiple platforms and also requires maintenance to be done separately for each app.

To reduce investment in making an app compatible to multiple mobile devices, cross platform technologies have gained popularity that allow you to develop high quality Mobile Apps using HTML5, CSS & JS. The code is written once but can run on multiple mobile platforms thus saving cost.