Payroll Management

Payroll management is an integral part of any business. Regardless the industry, organizations need to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as comply with governmental reporting requirements for the ATO and other federal and state government agencies. Payroll management also must meet a wide range of employee needs and internal reporting requirements.

Managing the Complexity

Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics ERP enable users to collect deductions in arrears, create payables vouchers during the payroll process, and use blended overtime rates to meet overtime rules. Microsoft Dynamics ERP allows you to manage complex pay policies, split employee transactions over multiple departments, post hours to the General Ledger and provide for additional reporting. All these capabilities can help increase productivity and efficiency for payroll processes and provide your organization with increased tracking and reporting capabilities.

Manage Employee Paid Time Off

Employee time off is handled in many ways by different organisations. Microsoft Dynamics ERP enables your organization to track sick time, vacation time, and associated accruals.

Human Resources Management

Manage your personnel-related processes, implement and track benefit programs, manage payroll, offer employee self-service capabilities, and deliver the information your managers and executives need. Microsoft Dynamics ERP for human resources (HR) management also integrates with leading payroll service providers, so employee information and payroll data can be easily shared.

Benefit from enhanced HR tools

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP HR tools give you access to critical information where and when you need it. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics ERP facilitates effective communication with staff and an efficient payroll process. You can even customize schedules, pay rates, and hiring processes to fit smoothly with your existing systems.