Microsoft Dynamics CRM Competitor Price Comparison

Every business can benefit from the increase in customer satisfaction and profitability from a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. But deciding which CRM to choose can be time consuming. Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes shopping easier with a feature-to-feature cost comparison.


Competitor Price Comparison

Save approximately 48% or $300 (USD) per month
by choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online over

Savings calculation is based on this formula:

( Total Cost Per User — Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Total Cost Per User)
÷ Total Cost Per User


Office Fluent User Interface – The Ribbon in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, like other Microsoft applications, is contextual. With each feature or form, it changes to show the most relevant information and commands.

99.9% Service Level Agreement

SharePoint Sites Interoperability – Document management capabilities in Dynamics CRM are based on SharePoint. Users can take advantage of a wealth of document management capabilities including the ability to create custom content types, check-in/check-out capability, track changes, and version control.

Complete Offline Solution – Whenever you go offline, you will have the same user experience and access to the same data. This includes standard objects such as campaigns, cases, and quotes. You can also run reports, set goals, and review orders offline.

Presence Management Interoperability – View online status and send an instant message to any Microsoft Unified Communications or Live Messenger user, contact, or lead with a valid email address in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Order and Invoice Tracking – Pull quote or opportunity details into orders and invoices to automate the business process and reduce clerical errors. Users can also track quote, opportunity, order, and invoice history by account or contact.

Note The functionality items discussed above are delivered and supported features with the offering, not vendor or third-party provided unsupported add-ons.


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