Sales and marketing have transformed.  We consider helping companies to reduce their sales and marketing costs is an important way to create value. CRM software can reduce the total sales and marketing costs by a number of ways:

  • Eliminating non-value adding business support resources – CRM for Sales streamlines and automates sales processes and enables salespeople to create a single view of the customer online while CRM for Marketing provides marketing professionals with robust data cleansing and segmentation tools, leading campaign management features and insightful marketing analytics without any IT support
  • Significantly improving productivity of expensive sales and marketing personnel –   shorter sales cycles, higher close rates and improved customer retention for sales and increased effectiveness of marketing programs.
  • Offering (Cloud) hosted CRM software to relive companies from the expense of trouble of having to buy, install and manage CRM software themselves.

More than a decade ago started selling hosted CRM application to reduce sales and marketing costs.  You may be using to automate your salesforce and manage your marketing programs.  Whether you are currently using a CRM application or not, it is time to compare the cost and benefits of against that of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

  • Monthly Cost per User – A$69 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online against A$135 for
  • Functionality – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online includes several functionality areas (customer care, marketing and mobile devices) of which customers pay extra.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online also offers a bundle of additional benefits as it combines with your everyday Microsoft Office Applications accessed over the Internet with its superior feature set and free mobile device support.  If you are a user, you can save 50% on your CRM Software access costs by migrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  We have the tools and expertise to make this transition smoothly happen in weeks.  If you don’t have a CRM application, we can help you implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to dramatically reduce your sales and marketing costs while improving your staff productivity.