People are demanding Dynamic Government Organisations which can provide services to citizens faster and more cost-effectively.   With a Microsoft Dynamics business solution, you can empower your employees to be more proactive, while gaining the visibility and accountability your constituents demand.

Microsoft Dynamics helps government organizations at all levels, including:
  • Government administration – increased visibility, internal controls, and reporting tools can help you stay a step ahead of compliance and administrative requirements cost-effectively.
  • Public services – help empower workers through innovative solutions and programs that can enable efficiency, drive citizen engagement, and create sustainable economic and social opportunity for citizens.
  • Public safety and justice – help improve coordination between programs and agencies, and streamline public safety management with solutions to track offenders, manage incidents, investigate crimes, and respond to emergencies.
  • Health and human services – move from the disconnected care systems of the past. Bring systems, processes, and people together across public health and social services organizations by connecting information locked in existing systems, thereby promoting collaboration through better program and case management, coordinated workflows, and information access so your staff can work together more easily.

Non-profit Sector

Non-profit organisations face a set of challenges which are different to those faced by commercial enterprises.  In addition to normal operational issues faced daily, you have the unique complication of unpredictable funding, a need for visibility beyond the accounting department, and evolving yet strict government and social guidelines to adhere to.

For typical non-profits organisations such as health and human services organizations, schools, religious entities, community developer groups, foundations, associations, and special interest groups, the profit motive does not drive fiscal responsibility in the same way it does for commercial enterprises. For the non-profit organisations, we believe stewardship of funds and social impact are the key organizational goals.

How we solve these problems with Microsoft Dynamics ERP (GP and AX) solution?

We can configure Microsoft Dynamics ERP to reflect this shift in focus from increasing shareholder value to promoting optimal financial stewardship.  We will deliver powerful, yet adaptable solution that gives you the tools you need to manage every aspect of your organization, from ensuring your volunteer work-base remains accountable to streamlining collections. We can guide and help you to develop tools to:

  • More efficiently manage financial and non-financial data
  • Attract new funding sources to further your organisational mission
  • Gain local insight and on-site support to ensure a successful project
  • Easily predict cash flow, create readable reports for funding sources and boards, and save time on everyday tasks like paying bills and recording donations, thereby improving the impact on the participants you serve.

Solution Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics SureStep implementation methodology aligns your business strategies with the required IT capabilities, now and into the future.   With our experts – from Business Analysts to Enterprise Architects, and MBAs and CAs to Prince2 Accredited Project managers – we can help you successfully manage your end-to-end system implementation project on time, cost and quality.

With a Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, we can help you manage your financial and human resources to achieve your organisation’s goals in relation to:

  • Financial dimension –within budgets
  • Constituencies (customer) dimension – how effectively and efficiently
  • Internal/Business Processes – process quality and process cycle time
  • Employee skills and Empowerment –accountability and governance

We can develop financial tools designed specifically to meet the challenges of your type of business and to fit in with your environment.  At the same time, we will help you build an integrated collaboration environment with centralised access to the intellectual capital and business insightwithin your organisation.