For many companies, making the product doesn’t cost as much as bringing it to the market!  Farmers know this well when they see how small a percentage of the final price they receive for their crops.  But it is true that marketing in many cases now averages 50 percent of total company costs.

Every company has to figure out a go-to-market strategy and execute it cost-effectively.  In simpler times, the company would hire salespeople to sell to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, or directly to final users.  Today, due to continuing technological innovations, the number of go-to-market alternatives has exploded:

Field sales repsIntranet
Strategic alliesExtranet
Business partnersWebsites
Master or Local distributorsE-mail
IntegratorsBusiness-to-business exchanges
Value-added resellersAuctions

Knowing what channels are working well allows you to invest in the right places to help increase the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MarketingPilot can help you unleash your team’s marketing potential by delivering enterprise marketing automation and multichannel campaign management:

  • Know your customer – give you the insight you need to better understand your customers.
  • Empower marketing team to be efficient –CRM, workflow and collaborative tools take the work out of marketing jobs by helping easily plan, create, manage, and execute campaigns.
  • Engage and execute across channels – improved execution, insight into your spend and an understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing investments.
  • Optimise channel mix and measure success – allows you to invest in the right places to help increase the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns.

Inventory Management

Your business gaol is to provide just what your customers want, when they want.   You are in pursuit of best practice customer service and organisational efficiency. So, inventory control is directly linked to increased profitability and leading distributors turn to technology solutions which can provide the edge not only to compete, but also to dominate in an industry where profit margins are constantly being squeezed by an increasingly competitive business landscape. No matter the size of the company, precise inventory control and accurate inventory information must be available, any time, all the time.

“Inventory is a very expensive asset that can be replaced with a less expensive asset called ‘information.’  In order to do this, the information must be timely, accurate, reliable, and consistent.  When this happens, you carry less inventory, reduce cost and get products to customers faster. “

Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems can help you moving inventory through all distribution channels, protecting margins and maximizing sell-thru. The system enables supply chain excellence, from the front office through the warehouse.  You can gain control over customer service levels, warehousing costs and order turnaround time.  Our Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions incorporate a wide range of cost reduction and productivity improvement features:

  • Use of radio frequency and barcoding technologies for high volume environments
  • Inventory control functions to improve inventory accuracy and labour productivity.
  • Reduce cost of distribution management through effective carrier selections and optimization.
  • Access to information for your workforce through integration with portals

Demand and Supply Management

Microsoft Dynamics ERP (GP, NAV and AX) includes functionality such as sales order processing, sales analysis, sales forecasting, materials requirements planning (MRP), customer service, eCommerce, customer relationship management, warehouse logistics, supply chain integration, and strategic business analysis.  We at Vivid Dynamics has the experts – from business analysts, engineers, MBAs and Chartered Accountants – to help you with the development and implementation of your integrated Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution focusing on meeting the customer demand with the optimal level of inventory.


The financial health of your company means the difference between success and mere survival. If you’ve added new sales channels, vendors, or customers, the system you started with might not be robust enough to manage cash flow or year-end reporting. If you’ve expanded your enterprise across multiple countries and many lines of business, your legacy system simply may not be able to manage the complexity of a growing corporation.  In either case Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives companies like yours total control over their finances.