We help customers applying ‘Organisational Best Practice Framework’ to business process design.  Key characteristics of Organisational Best Practice include: Management Vision, Benchmarking, Leadership, Employee Involvement, Enabling Technology, Training and Education Focus, Organisational Structure, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement, Cost Management, and Business Integration.

We ensure our ERP/CRM customers design and implement Best Practice processes for managing employees, logistics, marketing & business development, branch operations and customer service and achieve critical Operational Outcomes:

  • Greater level of competitiveness
  • Lower costs
  • Superior quality
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better responsiveness
  • Increased customers service
  • Improved reliability

Our consultants will use your data and insights of your employees to gain a good understanding of what is important to your customers and how your organisation performs against time, cost, quality, service, variety, flexibility, predictability and responsiveness before identifying process improvement opportunities. We set the process vision to reflect company’s business strategy and design business processes to deliver following key characteristics:

  • Image of the company’s future
  • Value to customers and stakeholders
  • So compelling that it motivates others to action
  • Lean and effective
  • Results

Our Vivid Dynamics solutions power the full breadth of business processes for small to mid-market companies. As such, we apply our best practice insight to make your ERP implementation successful and optimize your operations. More specifically, our implementation methodology enables the user engagement and training necessary to operate these processes effectively once your new ERP solution is in place.