Business technology discussions today aren’t complete without the subject of the cloud. Business leaders are increasingly opting for cloud-based deployments to take advantage of scalability, reliability, application expertise, enhanced security and cost-savings to help them manage the organisation rather than its operational infrastructure. Rapid deployments and subscription-based pricing give leaders the strategic leverage to quickly gain entry into new markets and adapt to industry changes.

Cloud Options Built for You, Not the Masses

The growing acceptance of cloud computing for business applications also means a larger variety of solution, industry and deployment options available on the market. Vivid Dynamics can help your organisation cut through the noise and develop a practical, customized cloud strategy that works for your business. An award-winning provider of Microsoft and other enterprise applications, our team has successfully managed numerous cloud deployments for customers representing all sizes and industries.

Whether your needs are best met leveraging Vivid Dynamics private cloud, a public cloud, on-premise deployments or all of the above, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive services and support. Our professionals have extensive consulting experience, deep technical knowledge and the ability to seamlessly integrate multiple systems and applications. Speak with our experts about the various cloud options and what is right for your organization. Our full menu of options include:

  • Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Deployments
  • Microsoft Dynamics Cloud & Hosted Solutions
  • Solutions as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Ready-to-Deploy Industry Specific Applications
  • Comprehensive Integration and Customization


Advantages of our Microsoft Dynamics Cloud & Hosted Solutions include:

  • Pay Only For What You Use – You pay for only the number of named users you use per month. Different than a traditional perpetual license, your named cloud user count can be adjusted up or down as your needs change over time.
  • More Functionality at a Lower Cost – For one low price, you get access to the entire core bundle of Dynamics AX or GP Business Essentials or Advanced Management edition modules you need. Some additional modules are priced a la carte, but compared to other SaaS offerings you get much more functionality for your dollar and avoid the ‘surprise’ added line item charges. Since we don’t offer teaser rates just to lock you in and then try to add charges to make up the margin, you get both more predictable pricing upfront and much higher total value overall.
  • Best of All Worlds – Our cloud solution combines the best of ‘renting’ from a SaaS provider with the control of ‘owning’ your own software license. You get the economies of scale and all the benefits of a subscription based cloud model running on a virtual server with the unconstrained  flexibility to access, integrate and customize your own application and database instance as needed. That’s simply not supported by proprietary, multi-tenant SaaS offerings where by design all customers are constrained by the same capabilities and therefore  “must assimilate.”
  • Easy Access Methods – Anytime, anywhere access to your applications. For Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX and Dynamics GP, users login via a web browser.  For the core Dynamics ERP modules, users login via terminal services (or Citrix). The later providing the rich client user experience you get from a client/server Windows optimised application (like Outlook) and that most ERP software users prefer over an inherently limited browser interface.
  • Lowest Risk via Solution Portability  – Avoid both the business capability and technology lock-in that goes with proprietary, sole-source SaaS solutions and that leaves you no viable contingency option other than an expensive data migration to an entirely different solution. With our cloud solution your data backup file is fully portable to any other Microsoft Dynamics deployment scenario; be it your own on-premises solution or another Microsoft partner’s. That’s simply not supported by any other SaaS offering and provides powerful built-in incentive for us to deliver you outstanding client service.
  • Customer Friendly Business Terms – No onerous contract terms, no termination charges, and only a 90-day advanced notice required in the event your business needs change or you ever become dissatisfied and we cannot otherwise resolve your concerns. Again, you won’t get that from any other competing SaaS provider.